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The world’s first certified organic caviar, from the sturgeon Acipenser naccarii, raised under organic production in our facilities in Riofrío (Granada) for more than 18 years. The original flavor and texture of caviar, fresh, marine flavours, with very little salt and no preservatives.

Available in two categories:

Classic – 2.5 to 2.8mm

Excellsius 000 – 2.9 to 3.2mm

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Its sturgeons are raised in the finest river water Spain has to offer, that stays at a constant 14 – 15°C temperature and naturally mimics the wild habitat. Its freshness and flavour nuances have won Riofrío caviar its reputation as one of the best in the world. In 2019 the company changed its name to Riofrío location and essence remain the same. 1963, but its structure, The Caviar Riofrío brand is today valued by gourmets all over the world, the most exclusive delicatessen outlets, and several Michelin-starred chefs. organic caviar, which is the most sought after. We also offer products

Originally used to operate grain mills, fulling mills and drop hammers, the waterfall at the source of the River Frío was discovered back in the 60s by Spain’s fish-farming pioneer Alberto Domezain, a doctorfrom Navarre who set up the first fish farm in Riofrío with two partners in 1963. Domezain arrived here drawn by a combination of unique conditions: water that wells up naturally all year round at a constant temperature of 14 – 15°C, some 300 metres from the fish farm. He began by filling his pools with trout, going on to produce the renowned “Trucha de Riofrío” brand. The superb flavour of the fish,

the restaurants dotted along the shores of the river, the outstanding beauty of the area and its strategic location began attracting thousands of visitors to this tiny village tucked away in the mountains of Loja


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