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Established in 2008, Royal Caviar is a leading seafood supplier and distributor. We source and ship a variety of fresh and frozen seafood, including sturgeon caviar, salmon, mackerel, fish roe, and more. Royal Caviar proudly facilitates the modern Caviar re-packing method as well as the excellence in storage and distribution methods. With our own smoking facility and mackerel fish processing located in Dubai Investment Park Industrial 2, we ensure quality and freshness.

As a specialized distributor, we trade premium seafood from sources across the world. Our extensive client list includes local customers from the five-star hotels, first-class restaurants, hypermarkets, catering companies as well as GCC customers. Long-term partnerships are based on mutual respect and understanding, and this has allowed us to facilitate international trade and distribution with an emphasis on rewarding returns. Royal Caviar global sourcing of specific types of seafood is carefully managed and monitored to provide our customers with the finest quality fish and caviar.

Ensuring consistency with adherence to strict guidelines of CITES Organization. Easy traceability with unique identification code

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