Organic Caviars – First Time In The UAE

Riofrío is the favorite caviar of gourmets all over the world, the most exclusive delicatessen shops and numerous Michelin-starred chefs. Our sturgeons, which include the variety Acipenser naccarii , Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Osetra) and Huso huso (Beluga), are farmed in the best waters in Spain and probably the world, at a constant temperature between 14 and 15ºC, which practically replicates their wild habitat in a natural way. Due to its freshness and nuanced flavour, Riofrío Caviar is recognized as one of the world’s best.

It was also the first fish farm to obtain organic certification, and in the year 2000, Riofrío Caviar became the world’s first organic caviar, achieving the first certification for caviar and the breeding of sturgeon. Four biologists currently work at Riofrío and they carefully rear more than one hundred thousand sturgeon. The challenge, which is met year after year, is to create a product of sublime quality that shows the ultimate respect for the environment and the animals’ quality of life. To do so, we work using a system free from the use of antibiotics and forced growth feeding, as well as dedicating a third of the surface of the fish farm to maintaining the purity of the water, which is returned clean to the river and is key to the quality of the caviar. This completely natural purification system has a significant effect on the development and health of the characteristic bird life of Riofrío. Thanks to a pioneering system that is 100% organic and sustainable throughout the whole supply chain, Caviar Riofrío continues to be a global benchmark.


Organic Aquaculture meets all these regulations, which are demanding and complex and regulate the whole process; production environment, breeding process, feeding, management, animal welfare, elaboration process and the influence of all this on the environment without forgetting the strictest health guarantees and quality product for the consumer. In turn, the fulfillment of all these conditions is monitored by an independent external body, authorized by the EU. They have the right at any time to enter into any part of the company and carry out checks on any situation, taking samples to analyze raw materials as well as products, as well as the water before and after production and anything else they like, including complete traceability and accounting. All the suppliers of the company have to fulfill the same conditions and undergo the same procedures.

This comprehensive control system is an important guarantee for the demanding consumer, when consuming a product from Organic Aquaculture they know they are enjoying a good and healthy product, free from growth accelerators, chemical residues, pesticides, GMO’s and any other products dangerous to their health. , as well as knowing that the production respects the environment and animal welfare.


Riofrio’s Classic Organic Caviar is every bit as extraordinary as the caviar enjoyed by the Tsars of ancient Russia. It is the first certified organic caviar in the world: a completely natural, pure, smooth and unaltered product, as we use no preservatives to modify its flavour. This is the caviar of choice for those who really know caviar.


Extracted from the Adriatic sturgeon in an environmentally friendly and animal-friendly production process, this caviar is produced according to the highest Russian quality standards. It is lightly matured and no preservatives are used. We add very little salt, thereby offering the purest flavors of the sea with a smooth texture.

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